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Enlil, under orders from his father, King Anu, back on Nibiru, envisioned to return to Nibiru Along with the Nibirans he commanded as well as plenty of gold to powder into Nibiru’s environment to shield it from destructive dissipation.

, Janet brings jointly all her fields of fascination and shares her personal direct, upfront and personal experiences Together with the Anunnaki, Greys, the military dealing with the ETs and her adventures in the base the ETs and our clandestine armed forces cover under Johnston Atoll inside the Pacific. Janet routinely downloads messages from Ninmah, the Anunnaki mother of humanity.

Alone in the Crossing, Jacob encountered and wrestled and, however he dislocated his thigh from the fight, pinned and held a Nibiran “angel” all evening.

In Egypt an official in the pharaoh labored Joseph for a household slave. The official’s wife made an effort to seduce Joseph. When he refused her sex, she mentioned he’d propositioned her. The Formal jailed him. In jail, Joseph gained renown as he kept examining goals.

Daughter of Enki and Ninmah, Nanshe presided about weights and steps, storehouses and beer and also social justice for widows, Individuals in credit card debt, and war refugees in Sumer.

Hatshepsut adopted the boy and termed him Moses.” She gave him “the epithet typical in her dynasty with the part mss

Inanna took Dumuzi’s body to Sumer and mummified him so he could rejoin her bodily on Nibiru, considering the fact that, she stated, Nibiran gods Reside eternally [

For another one hundred fifty years, most Nibirans on the planet went first to Adad’s spaceport at Nazca, then in rockets again to Nibiru. Some, nevertheless, “dispersed from Sumer, accompanied their followers to significantly lands during the significantly corners of your Earth; others remained nearby, rallying their supporters to the renewed challenge to Marduk.

Robert Evans, Jr. had for more than ten years collected photographs undoctored by authorities suppression brokers from Soho and private citizens everywhere in the world. He shows conclusive photographic proof that Nibiru is upon us. Robert relates prior nearings–Particularly the nearing (perigee Solaris) that prompted Moses’ exodus from Egypt–of Nibiru and its moons and also proximity on the dim subdwarf star Nemesis, about which Nibiru revolves.

Nibirans “not just lifted and positioned this sort of colossal stone blocks and also carried them from a quarry several miles away. The quarry continues to be Found As well as in it one of those colossal stone blocks had not been completed, nevertheless lies partly connected to your native rock; view its size exceeds the Trilithon blocks. [Stairway: 168 – 176; Expeditions: 166 -179]

But this zygote grew into a child who couldn’t discuss. Then “In the clay vessel the admixture they made, the oval of the Earth feminine with Anunnaki male essence they put jointly. The fertilized egg to the womb of Ninmah by Enki was inserted. There was conception.[ZS

Arriving rocketships landed on the huge stone platform adjoining the start tower, then will be put in place–as were finished to your colossal stone blocks–within just The huge builders capital stone enclosure Prepared for launching.” “Baalbek was integrated into your post-Deluvian Landing Corridor with the Anunnaki every time they planned the setting up of the spaceport within the Sinai to switch the a single in Mesopotamia worn out through the Deluge.

The east/west parallel that crosses the most reference land plus the north/south meridian that crosses one of the most land intersect right here.

Enki, drunk and in sexual heat with Inanna, gave her computer gadgets (MEs) he later regretted but couldn’t get back. These equipment, including The Exalted Tiara, the Exalted Scepter and Staff members, the Exalted Shrine, set in jewels and and crystals and affixed to her clothing, a scepter or shrine, could “emit and Manage a drive area,” or simply a ME sewn into her outfits “could emit a luminous area” that made her “appear clothed in radiance” and Permit her proclaim herself queen, “clothed in radiance.

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